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Providing Upgraded and Cosmetic Services In-Network

Course Details

Course name: Providing Upgraded and Cosmetic Services In-Network

Course length: 50 minutes

Number of modules: 7

Length per module: 7-20 minutes

Price: $249.99

Overall goal: Learn how to manage cosmetic and other high-end services within a PPO model and always remain highly profitable.

Recommended for dentists, Clinical and Front team members



Have you felt that you cannot provide the level of care you want under an in-network fee structure?

If you understand the contracts you signed, you will come to realize that upgrades are possible with your patients. Learn how to utilize federal and contract laws to be able to provide your patients with better services that you will be compensated adequately for.


  • Learn about contract language and legal concerns with patient care involving insurance
  • Learn how to provide upgraded care that patients pay for even in-network
  • Learn how to provide high end care outside of insurance discounts within a PPO model


1. Understanding Network Contracts

Understand the real challenge of being in-network, how insurance is for “economic” options, and how patients can ask for better options.

2. Non-Covered Services

Most states have non-covered service laws that prevent insurance from capping fees in-network. Learn how these laws apply to your office and what you can do daily for billing purposes.

3. Fraud and Legal Concerns

Understand the potential legality first to avoid problems; and how these rules apply to upgrades and cosmetic services. Understand clauses that are listed in your contracts (that most don’t read).

4. Non-Use of Insurance

Learn through example cases on how to apply HIPAA/HITECH law for a patient to decline using insurance for cosmetic services.

5. Upgraded Services

Learn how to apply upgrades for services that insurance will partially reimburse, but the patient wants better than low-end quality with multiple examples of “patient costs” that are outside insurance coding and reimbursement.

6. Understanding Discounts

Learn how to apply discount options the right way. Achieve what many of us want to do for patients, offer more affordable treatment options.

7. Quiz for CE

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