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Dr. Travis Campbell is committed to giving members direct support. Join him each month for a live discussion. He’ll walk you through your most challenging insurance issues and open the floor for attendee questions.

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Setting Your Business Up for Success in 2023

December 8, 2022

7:30 pm CST

2023 Coding Updates and Trends

New coding additions, deletions, and how carriers are likely to respond to these changes. Don’t forget, this is also a great time to get your questions answered. After my presentation, I’ll open the floor to answer questions.

January 19, 2023

7:30 pm CT

Understanding Network Leading and Umbrella Insurance

February 9, 2023

7:30 pm CT

Understanding Secondary Insurance

March 23, 2023

7:30 pm CT

Past Office Hours

Access to Live and Recorded Office Hours is included with paid membership. Join today or login to view.

Perio Scheduling & Coding

It is uncommon to find an office that is correctly billing for services on periodontal patients. This office hour reviews what is recommended by the AAP and how to manage scheduling and coding.

Easy Ways to Add to Collections

In addition to answering your questions live, I’ll be discussing products and services that you can add to your practice that will help increase collections for the office and bring more value to your patients.

Disallows and Inclusive Services

If you've seen EOBs state: “This service is inclusive of another and therefore you cannot charge the patient…” this video is for you!

Collection Policies: How to Never Need a Collection Agency

Patients walking out the door without paying should never happen. There are so many myths on what you can and cannot do with collections and insurance patients. If your accounts receivable is longer than a single page, or more than 1 months collections, this is the discussion for you!

Estimates: Stop Taking the Blame

Do you have patients complain about paying more after they receive an EOB? We often structure our discussions in a way that invites patients to do just this. Instead, let's focus on ways to prevent these types of conversations by removing the ownership and blame of insurance paying differently than expected.

Noncovered Services

Get more non-covered services accepted. Insurance companies do not dictate pricing on these types of services, but many doctors and teams have a lower acceptance rate due to common miscommunications involving insurance. Tune in to overcome this common challenge.

Common Insurance Mistakes

Avoid the most common mistakes team members make. Also included: the solution to the #1 asked coding concern, new codes for 2022, insurance reimbursement trends, and how to evaluate x-rays for scaling and root planing.

Suggest a Topic

Please suggest a topic that you would like for future events; or if you have a current question or challenge, post it below to make sure we include it in the next meeting.

Old habits die hard. If your current dental insurance claims process hasn’t been updated, it’s likely outdated.

Up-to-date, ongoing billing education isn’t just helpful, it’s essential for your practice to thrive.


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