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Dr. Travis Campbell is committed to giving members direct support. Join him each month for a live discussion. He’ll walk you through your most challenging insurance issues and open the floor for attendee questions.

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Higher In-Network Fees with Network Leasing & Umbrella Insurance

Are you tired of dealing with low network fees? Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly in-network with a new insurance company without signing a contract? 

Most dentists end up in-network through direct contracts, yet fee schedules have remained largely unchanged for 40 years. Negotiating as an individual office might yield a 2-5% increase if you're lucky.

This session will explore what network leasing and umbrella plans are, and more importantly, how to leverage them to achieve a 20-50% increase in your network fee schedules. If your crown fee is under $1000, this information is essential!

Thursday, May 30th

12pm CST

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Implant Coding Success

Join us for a jam-packed, 3-part session designed to demystify the complexities surrounding implant coding and billing. One of the most misunderstood sections of codes involves implants and their usage. Everything from insurance non-reimbursement to code mismatches leads to numerous team challenges. This session aims to clear up misconceptions and guide you to the best way to code and bill implants, covering everything from single crowns to hybrid dentures. 

June 6, 2024

12pm CST

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How Membership Plans Work with Insurance

Membership Plans can help provide value for patients and a boost for the office, but they can also be a potential source for fraud as well when working with dental insurance. This session will focus on how to utilize membership plans correctly, as well as answer some of the common questions such as setup, organization, as well as how to communicate them to patients. Co-hosted with an expert on communications and membership plans, Dr. Chris Phelps.

June 6, 2024

7:30pm CST

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Going Out of Network

During this office hour we delve into the intricacies of navigating in-network and out-of-network challenges in office settings. From the critical decision-making process of opting for in-network versus out-of-network arrangements to evaluating optimal timing, we'll explore every aspect. Learn about the strategic considerations behind choosing which networks to drop and when, as well as honing your communication skills for effective negotiation. Additionally, we'll discuss alternative options for achieving success in network management. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and enhance your approach to network management.

July 11, 2024

12pm CST

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August Office Hour

Topic coming soon.

August 8, 2024

12pm CST

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Past Office Hours

Looking to gain access to our exclusive live monthly office hour sessions and recordings? Join today for just $29.99 per month and enjoy a host of incredible perks! As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to live office hour sessions, a wide range of on-demand courses, the ability to ask questions anytime, and much more. Join today!

Top 12 Mistakes with Dental Insurance

We often attribute many of our challenges to insurance, and some of those grievances are indeed warranted. However, the biggest setbacks to our profitability and efficiency stem less from insurance itself and more from how we manage it. From claim denials to patient treatment declines, and even to collections, these issues are entirely solvable without altering the insurance company. This session highlights the top 12 office mistakes that, when addressed, can significantly transform our processes.

Handling Insurance and Patient Refunds

Dealing with insurance refund demands can be exceptionally frustrating, particularly when they arise months or even years later. Mishandling patient refunds has the potential to result in significant losses, if not more. This course aims to address these challenges by examining preventive measures from the outset and providing guidance on navigating such unfortunate situations when they occur.

Using HIPAA/HITECH: Do Not Bill Insurance Forms

The use of HITECH/HIPAA forms has sparked considerable debate. Are they truly helpful, or do they introduce more problems than solutions? This session explores the functionality of these forms, delving into their effectiveness and potential pitfalls. See how to appropriately utilize these forms, when it is advisable not to use them, and the proper ways to engage in discussions about them with patients. Also learn alternative approaches that can be just as effective, if not more so, in situations where using these forms may not be the best course of action.

Which Services Need Narratives?

Sending unnecessary information can lead to claim delays, while omitting essential details may result in claim rejection. This session specifically addresses submission requirements for common services.

Highlights of 2023: Commonly Asked Questions

This session reviews the most frequently asked questions of the year, provides best practice solutions, and offers an overview of essential information about insurance. It serves as a beneficial refresher for those with more experience and a helpful overview for those who are just starting out.

2024 Coding Updates

While most larger software systems automatically update the codes, having them in your system doesn't guarantee you're aware of their implications. Additionally, some of the new codes are quite significant. For instance, in the previous year, the codes were restructured to improve clarity and understanding, particularly in the case of membrane codes. 2024 code updates offer some interesting changes as well.

Preparing for End of Year

There are many aspects to managing patient care near the end of the year that can easily be forgotten. This session reviews common end-of-year tasks, including open enrollment, holiday scheduling, lab case management, and more.

Handling Emergency Patients

Insurance contracts typically state we must provide patients with 24/7 emergency availability. This session will discuss how to handle this requirement with minimal stress on the doctor and the team, how to bill for it, what processes work best in the office regarding insurance and more.

Codes You May Be Missing

There are many dental codes that are rarely used, often because we don't think about them. Nevertheless, these codes hold significant importance, not only in increasing income within our network but also in maintaining detailed documentation when dealing with out-of-network cases. This session will shed light on frequently overlooked codes, when to utilize them, what to expect from insurance providers, and other relevant insights.

Complex Case Coding & Communication

We recently treated a patient with failing work, she faced major challenges that can be handled in most general dental offices, as well as incorporating the help of specialist care. In this session, we will review her options with a somewhat out-of-the-box approach. Coding, potential insurance issues, as well as how to handle patient communication to achieve higher acceptance rates on larger treatments will be discussed. The presentation is designed for the entire team as handling these types of cases requires everyone to understand each part of the process.

Providing Employee & Family Dental Care with Insurance

One of the most common and incorrect practices an office has with regards to insurance is providing free care to team and family members, and then billing insurance companies. In this session, Dr. Campbell reviews challenges and solutions to achieve the same goal, without legal concerns.

Implant Coding

From basic cleaning to hybrid and locator maintenance, there tends to be confusion surrounding coding for implants. This session reviews common implant coding misconceptions and solutions.

Internal Coding

ADA codes apply to most services in a dental office, but not all. For tracking and billing purposes, creating new internal codes is extremely important for your practice. In this session, I discuss the financial impact internal codes have on your office, as well as how to create, apply, and manage them. Look in the resource section for a list of internal codes that I use in my office.

Understanding Secondary Insurance

The only aspect more complex than dealing with insurance, is dealing with TWO insurance companies. The amount of misunderstanding when it comes to secondary insurance is high, which often leads to a lot of confusion and incorrect ledgers, often in a way that costs offices thousands of dollars a year.

Understanding Network Leasing & Umbrella Insurance

Network leasing is the challenge and the solution. Understanding how this process works can make a huge difference for any office.

2023 Coding Updates and Trends

Discussion of the new coding additions, deletions, and how carriers are likely to respond to these changes.

Setting Your Business Up For Success in 2023

Identify what you may want to add, change or improve about your practice that will help you become more successful in the new year.

Perio Scheduling & Coding

It is uncommon to find an office that is correctly billing for services on periodontal patients. This office hour reviews what is recommended by the AAP and how to manage scheduling and coding.

Easy Ways to Add to Collections

In addition to answering your questions live, I’ll be discussing products and services that you can add to your practice that will help increase collections for the office and bring more value to your patients.

Disallows and Inclusive Services

If you've seen EOBs state: “This service is inclusive of another and therefore you cannot charge the patient…” this video is for you!

Collection Policies: How to Never Need a Collection Agency

Patients walking out the door without paying should never happen. There are so many myths on what you can and cannot do with collections and insurance patients. If your accounts receivable is longer than a single page, or more than 1 months collections, this is the discussion for you!

Estimates: Stop Taking the Blame

Do you have patients complain about paying more after they receive an EOB? We often structure our discussions in a way that invites patients to do just this. Instead, let's focus on ways to prevent these types of conversations by removing the ownership and blame of insurance paying differently than expected.

Noncovered Services

Get more non-covered services accepted. Insurance companies do not dictate pricing on these types of services, but many doctors and teams have a lower acceptance rate due to common miscommunications involving insurance. Tune in to overcome this common challenge.

Common Insurance Mistakes

Avoid the most common mistakes team members make. Also included: the solution to the #1 asked coding concern, new codes for 2022, insurance reimbursement trends, and how to evaluate x-rays for scaling and root planing.

Suggest a Topic

Please suggest a topic that you would like for future events; or if you have a current question or challenge, post it below to make sure we include it in the next meeting.

Old habits die hard. If your current dental insurance claims process hasn’t been updated, it’s likely outdated.

Up-to-date, ongoing billing education isn’t just helpful, it’s essential for your practice to thrive.


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