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Dental insurance is complex and has generated multiple myths over the years. Uncover the truth behind these common myths so that you can better understand the dental insurance arena!

There’s a better way to get more from dental insurance with less effort.

Too many of us struggle with getting payment from insurance companies. You are not alone. Transform your insurance claims process from an overhead cost into an income generator for your dental practice.


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Don’t accept less than you and your team deserve.


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It’s your job to follow the rules. “I didn’t know” will not protect your license or your reputation.


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It’s confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Get back what’s yours.

Understanding Dental Insurance

Dental insurance companies are owned by stockholders, equity firms and investment bankers for the purpose of making money. Join today, not only to understand the game you are playing, but also to stay current with new rules so you have the best chance of advocating for the funds you are due.


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Insurance Discount Plans: Good, Bad or Ugly?

The mere mention of dental insurance discount plans tends to elicit an immediate frown of dislike from many dentists. The sentiment which quickly comes to mind is “Why are we giving these patients a discount if insurance isn’t paying for anything?”


The Myth of Informed Consent

We eat, breathe and sleep the need to obtain informed consent from our patients. It is the basis of ethics as well as legal protection. However, how many of us are truly getting informed consent?


Harsh Truth About Treatment Acceptance

Our treatment coordinator has a little control, but the harsh reality is a vast majority of the acceptance or non-acceptance of our treatment plans is on US, the dentists.


Old habits die hard. If your current dental insurance claims process hasn’t been updated, it’s likely outdated.

Up-to-date, ongoing billing education isn’t just helpful, it’s essential for your practice to thrive.


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