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The Dental Insurance Guy website is an ever-evolving hub, dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and comprehensive education on the complex topic of dental insurance.

Conceived and launched by Dr. Travis Campbell, now recognized as the Dental Insurance Guy, the site serves as a valuable repository of knowledge. Dr. Campbell remains committed to its continual enhancement, regularly incorporating new insights derived from the latest State Laws, extensive research endeavors, and the wealth of experience acquired in his own dental practice. Furthermore, he actively incorporates feedback, questions, and shared experiences from dentists and their teams nationwide. The website stands as a testament to Dr. Campbell's ongoing dedication to keeping both practitioners and the public informed about the complexities of dental insurance.


You are not alone.

Processing dental insurance claims is a challenge experienced by most dental offices. And we can definitely learn from the experiences of each other. We invite and encourage the sharing of individual challenges, learnings, and outcomes, both positive and negative.

During the monthly “Office Hours” forum, Dr. Campbell opens the floor for specific cases experienced and questions from around the country. The resulting conversation is recorded and posted on the site. Common questions raised along with answers provided by Dr. Campbell is captured in the FAQ section of our website. And new themes and trends surfaced are researched and translated into articles, new course material, as well as additional tools. So, in essence … all active members of our dental insurance community are contributors to aiding and assisting the improvement and expansion of our collective dental insurance prowess nation-wide!

Travis Campbell

Dr. Travis Campbell

Dr. Campbell is a practicing dentist in Prosper, Texas, a community just north of Dallas. Like so many dentists across the U.S., he and his team found the process of managing dental claims to be filled with confusion and frustration, not to mention at times loss of income. And there was no one “source” to go to obtain accurate information.

Therefore, during the last 10 years, he has made it his mission to study, learn and improve all aspects of handling dental insurance within his practice. His studies initially culminated in a comprehensive guidebook called Understanding Dental Insurance: A Guide for Dentists and Their Teams published in 2020. This best seller raised significant awareness in the dental community, and as a result, Dr. Campbell frequently speaks across the country about the topic, with a particular emphasis on the many myths and misinformation that have arisen over the years and unnecessarily made the process even more difficult.

More recently, to better respond to the volume of questions/requests he receives and help as many offices and dentists as possible (while continuing to serve the local dental practice he loves) he envisioned and created this site. The goal of the Dental Insurance Guy site is to provide the most comprehensive platform for dental insurance education, reference material and information available.

Dr. Campbell is active in many online Dental Forums and writes for multiple dental publications. He has become the number one dentist educator on dental insurance in the country.

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