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Implant Coding

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Title: Implant Coding

Length: 60 minutes



One of the most misunderstood sections of codes involves implants and their use. Everything from insurance not reimbursing to code mismatches leads to many team challenges. This series will help clear up misconceptions and guide you to the best way to code and bill implants with everything from single crowns to hybrid dentures.


  • Understand the coding behind implants with restorative, locator dentures, and hybrid dentures.
  • Review coding on maintenance of all implant type restorations.
  • Learn how to be profitable in-network.
  • Achieve higher reimbursement out of network.
  • Review the math on how to make this work best in the office.


1. Module 1: Coding Crowns and Bridges

There are a variety of implant codes, most of which are often used incorrectly, leading to frustration and lack of reimbursement. This course will review implant codes for abutments, crowns, and bridges and how to use them correctly.

2. Module 2: Locator Dentures and Denture/Hybrid Maintenance

Whether you have an existing denture to add implant support to or a hybrid/locator denture that needs maintenance, this course will review what the billing codes are and how to use them as well and what to expect from insurance.

3. Module 3: Hybrid Denture Fabrication Coding

One of the most complex procedures in dentistry is the hybrid denture or prosthetic but can also be life-changing for a patient. The largest concern with these appliances is how to handle them from a billing view out of network, and a profitability view in-network. This course reviews the common challenges with billing hybrids and how to correctly solve the in and out of network concerns.

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Old habits die hard. If your current dental insurance claims process hasn’t been updated, it’s likely outdated.

Up-to-date, ongoing billing education isn’t just helpful, it’s essential for your practice to thrive.


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