Assignment of Benefit Laws

If your state is not listed, there are no known Assignment of Benefits laws. Please reach out to your state dental society for information on where they are with getting this legislation passed.

StateLegal CodeWritten Law
Alabama § 27-1-19.Click to View
Alaska 21.07.020(5)
Click to View
Arizona 20-464.Click to View
Colorado §10-16-317.5.
Click to View
Connecticut § 38a-491b.Click to View
Florida § 627.638.Click to View
Georgia § 33-24-54.
§ 33-24-59.3.
Click to View
Idaho § 41-3417.Click to View
Illinois §215-5/370a.Click to View
Maine §24-19 (subchapter 1) 2332-H.Click to View
Maryland § 14-205.3Click to View
Mississippi § 83-9-3Click to View
Missouri §376.427.Click to View
Nevada §689A.135.Click to View
New Hampshire §420-B:8-nClick to View
New Jersey §17:48C-8.3 e(1)Click to View
North Dakota §26.1-36-12Click to View
Oklahoma § 6055Click to View
Rhode Island §27-18-63.Click to View
South Dakota §58-17-163
Click to View
Tennessee §56-7-120.Click to View
Texas § 1204.053
§ 1204.054
Click to View
Virginia §38.2-3407.13Click to View
Washington §48.44.026Click to View
West Virginia §33-15-22Click to View

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