An overview of Illinois Assignment of Benefit Laws.

§ 370a. Assignability of Accident and Health Insurance.

No provision of the Illinois Insurance Code, or any other law, prohibits an insured under any policy of accident and health insurance or any other person who may be the owner of any rights under such policy from making an assignment of all or any part of his rights and privileges under the policy including but not limited to the right to designate a beneficiary and to have an individual policy issued in accordance with its terms. Subject to the terms of the policy or any contract relating thereto, an assignment by an insured or by any other owner of rights under the policy, made before or after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1969 is valid for the purpose of vesting in the assignee, in accordance with any provisions included therein as to the time at which it is effective, all rights and privileges so assigned. However, such assignment is without prejudice to the company on account of any payment it makes or individual policy it issues before receipt of notice of the assignment. This amendatory Act of 1969 acknowledges, declares and codifies the existing right of assignment of interests under accident and health insurance policies. If an enrollee or insured of an insurer, health maintenance organization, managed care plan, health care plan, preferred provider organization, or third party administrator assigns a claim to a health care professional or health care facility, then payment shall be made directly to the health care professional or health care facility including any interest required under Section 368a, of this Code for failure to pay claims within 30 days after receipt by the insurer of due proof of loss. Nothing in this Section shall be construed to prevent any parties from reconciling duplicate payments.

Source: § 370a.

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